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Be Dard Mohabbat

Be Dard Mohabbat An Urdu Novelette by Shagufta Bhatti. Mom! I don’t like Nagina, I like Sahira. She is a cute and sober girl. She is well-mannered, cooperative, and an English teacher in a school. You need arrange her marriage with Sami brother. Our home will really be a blessing. Shahana was happily telling her […]

Hairat Kadah

Hairat Kadah An Urdu Novelette by Nighat Chaudhary. A long letter from Hassan Ali Shah was before her but her mind was divided into thousand parts. Eyes were apparently focused on the letter but the mind was busy somewhere else. Words were appearing as scattered lines. Fingers were shivering but heart was shivering even stronger. […]

Ulfat Abr-e-Baran

Ulfat Abr-e-Baran An Urdu Novelette by Novelist & Writer Yasmin Nishat. While standing in the kitchen, do something that is related to kitchen. I am coming from the scorching sun, please offer some fruit juice at least. Aziz shouted while standing in the door of the kitchen. who advised you to go in the scorching […]


Ehsas-e-Zayan an Urdu Romantic Novelette by Ayesha Liaqat. The sword of time is merciless. Only the one knows who falls on it. There is hardly anyone in the world who is not injured by this sword of time. We can defeat anything, can surpass anything but no one can bring back the past time. Passed […]


Zeest-e-Gran an Urdu Social Romantic Novelette by Sadia Liaqat. Sweet conversation of Hassan that he told her the whole day used to resound in her ears the whole day and she used to work happily in her new home just like a butterfly. She never got tired by doing that. There was a mother-in-law and […]

Hisab Barabar

Hisab Barabar A Social Romantic Novelette by Shazia Rana. My father says when you start writing; the words should come to the mind like a queue, to be used, just like those who ask for something hoping that they would not be refused, and help you with a lot of prayers at the end. I […]

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