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Ulfat Abr-e-Baran

Ulfat Abr-e-Baran An Urdu Novelette by Novelist & Writer Yasmin Nishat. While standing in the kitchen, do something that is related to kitchen. I am coming from the scorching sun, please offer some fruit juice at least. Aziz shouted while standing in the door of the kitchen. who advised you to go in the scorching sun? Najia asked while smiling. it was not an advice, I have to pick up college time. College administration does not give students off on time and I have to face the heat standing under the trees. He explained and Najia got the point. You should feel ashamed Aziz while wandering in front of girl colleges. She cursed and he started laughing. So should I go before Boys College then? I don’t know when will you be sensible. He started singing a famous song about falling in love.

Ulfat Abr-e-Baran An Urdu Novelette by Yasmin Nishat Page No. 1

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  1. ye abhe tak na mukkamal hay

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