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Badan Ki Khushbu

Badan Ki Khushbu a Short Story from Urdu Classic Adab by Ismat Chughtai. A faded shadow seemed to be moving towards the bed of Chumman Mian in the half-lit room. The direction of movement of the shadow was pointed towards Chumman Mian. He seems to be having a dagger instead of a pistol. Chumman Mian’s heart came out to his mouth. His toes had turned stiff. The shadow bent towards his feet but the enemy could attack him, Chumman Mian jumped and caught the person from the neck. A dimmed sigh came from his mouth and Chumman Mian thrashed the person on the carpet. There was a huge burst of bangles breaking. He stood up quickly and switched on the light. The attacker crept under the bed. Who are you Mr.? Chumman Mian shouted
Badan Ki Khushbu a short story from Urdu Classic Adab by Ismat Chughtai Page No. 1

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  1. M S Waeem Langrial

    Besides, her short story ‘Lihaaf,’ published in 1942 in ‘Adab-i-Latif,’ was said to be obscene as it dealt with homosexuality.

  2. kafi arsa sa ismat ko prna chahta tha .laken moqa nahi websit na mara kam assan kr dia .islia ma ap logo ka shukria ada krta hu.boht boht shukria.

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