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Zinda Dargor

Zinda Dargor (Buried Alive) a Horror n Mystery Story by Maqbool Jahangir. Trapped in fallen bushes, it was a house of old fashion to the north of whirlpool. The whitewash from the walls has shed off. No sunrays reached here ever. The rooms therefore remained dark the whole day. There was no greenery outside in the courtyard. There were some barren trees of old times. On the branches of these trees, the dead eating birds used to sit and wait for the death of those animals who got trapped in the whirlpool. After their death, they used to get the meat from their bodies. As soon as they saw some animal trapped in the swirl, they shouted and moved to that side. While coming back after sometime, every one of them had a small piece of meat in their paws. They used to enjoy that feast on those barren trees and then went to sleep there.

Zinda Dargor (Buried Alive) a Horror n Mystery Story by Maqbool Jahangir Page No. 1

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