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Qabristan Ka Beta

Qabristan Ka Beta (Son of Graveyard) a Horror n Mystery Story by Nazish Shaheen. I was going to Sikandarah from Agra. I was accompanied by my friend doctor Waseem and our old servant Kareem. Kareem was the inhabitant of peripherals of Sikandarah. Our car passed by a graveyard near Sikandarah. Along the road the graveyard was spread for about a furlong. I was sitting stunned looking at the spoiled graves. Once I had a very strange incident in this graveyard Suddenly Kareem turned me and said. Waseem, who was in some deep thought, said, What did you say Kareem? Kareem started, I used to live in a nearby small village. In olden days, there was a royal graveyard here. At the end of the graveyard, there lived a talkative beggar. Most kids of the village used to go to him to listen stories. One day, I also went with them in the evening to him to listen stories. We got late while listening to the stories. My friends decided to stay for the night there

Qabristan Ka Beta (Son of Graveyard) a Horror n Mystery Story by Nazish Shaheen Page No. 1

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