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Piyas (Thirst)

Piyas (Thirst) Social Romantic Urdu Novel by Novelist Aliya Tauseef. Her feet were swollen due to excessive running. Her breathing became irregular. She looked back while running, a small tornado of dust was moving towards her and some unclear human faces could be seen in that layer of dust. She got frightened and increased her speed but whole of her life started coming before her like a movie. What she was and what she is now. How she has reached to end from this journey of one home to another. She drowned in the ocean of hopelessness. Her fast moving speed could only result in her falling face downward and she had fallen the same way. A person remains thirsty if he is unable to define the destiny despite being prepared for the travel.

Urdu Novel Piyas (Thirst) by Aliya Tauseef Title Page No. 0
Urdu Novel Piyas (Thirst) by Aliya Tauseef Page No. 1

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  1. thank u soo much all for appreciation n positive feed back.

    1. aaliya plz tell me,how to download tis novel

      1. refer to the website

  2. nice n true ! nice


  3. اسلام وعلیکم ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ

    ہمیشہ کی طرح بہت ہی خوبصورت ناول آپ نے قلم بند کیا ۔۔
    بہت اعلی
    خوش رہیں اور اسی طرح لکھتی رہیں

  4. lerki komandoo book ki zrorat he plz koi help

  5. Aliya, you did the good job. May Allah give you more strength to write our social problems and realities
    Anywyz good luck

  6. Gud…haji sab ka backround revelied ni kia gia…climax was so fast…plot was well net….haleema ka mazi batna ciaay tha….over all thought was nice

  7. Achi story par acha novel likha hay. parh kar acha laga. Allah karay zor e qalam aor ziada!

  8. very interesting akhir tak suspense barqarar raha its really worth reading novel.

  9. wow interesting novel . must read it . this is seriously worth reading novel … can give you alot of lessons about life .. EXCELLENT (y)

  10. WELL WELLL excellent novel…jo log money ke peechay bhagte hain akhr main unka anjaam yeh ho hota hai jo anila ka howa aur jo log sachai aur seedhai raste per chalte hain unko dair se lekin sab kuch AALLA milta hai….

  11. How can i download dis novel? No option?

  12. Really a good effort, much appreciated.


    1. Miss/Mrs. MASHAALLAH, un chezo k liay istimal hota hay jo ALLAH na banai ho…… is terha k fazool novels k liay nahi.

      1. Har achi cheez ko dekh kar MashaAllah kehna chaheye.
        Apko jis cheez ka pta nhi us par apni traf say fatwa na diya karain Allah jany kaab app jasay logon ko aqal ayy gi

  14. I like this Novel, hmarey mashrey me aesa hi hota he, pta nhi kb halat theek honge, can you give me contact number of writers? please reply me. thanks
    Gul Bano

    1. jebroo book kehan mil sakti he

    2. thank u soo much for liking n commnts.

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