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Agle Waqton Ke Log

Aglay Waqton Ke Hain Yeh Log, Urdu Short Story by Abida Rehmani. When I came to the new house after my marriage, I came to know that the house always remain full with guests. There were about 16 members of the family and there were 15-20 guests staying at home at that time. People had come from Lahore, Wah, Peshawar and Karachi to attend the marriage. My uncle, aunt and their granddaughter Sakina had come from Nodero, Sindh. It was December holidays and winter was at its swing in Rawalpindi. Sakina used to stay with her grandmother calling her Amma. It appeared that both granddaughter and grandmother had developed great love among themselves. It was my first meeting with that aunt. She belonged to a village near Lucknow in India and she spoke a mixed up Urdu.

Aglay Waqton Ke Hain Yeh Log, Urdu Short Story by Abida Rehmani Page No.  1

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  1. Mera bhi vatan hae lucknow
    Mahkta hu gulsan hae lucknow
    Ghanta ghar khada hae san bankar
    Imam bada jita hae lucknow ki pahchan bnkar

    Urdu ka adab hae lucknow
    Josh malihabadi ka rojo sab hae lucknow
    Hasrat mohani ki gunjti sadae hae
    Sibli nomani bhi yaha vafa ke nagme gae hae

    Molana ali miya ki yhi to rihais hae
    Molana husaen ahmad madni ki yhi to paedais hae
    Molana abdul saqur bhi yhi ke hote hae
    Molvi abrarul haq isi mati ke bete hae

    Kari siddiq ka vatan yhi hae
    Molana manzoor ka chaman yhi hae

  2. Bht khub isme dusri juban india up ke avadhi ilaqe ki hae

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