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Ghairat Mand

Ghairat Mand a Short True Story by SK Ibrahim. I had just joined after my training for treatment of mental illness in Ranchi, a captain was brought to me in the company of four soldiers. He was wearing a simple dress instead of uniform. It was winter season but winter was not that harsh. After greeting me, the head of soldiers offered me a sealed envelope and stood aside with respect. I asked the captain to sit down with my hand’s motion but he came near my table. He warmly shook hand with me. He was about to say something while sitting on the chair. I stopped her saying, let me read the letter first, and then I will talk to you. Hearing this, he silently sat on the chair. It was district magistrate’s order to have the captain admitted to hospital. There were certificates of two doctors and a letter addressed to me.

Ghairat Mand a Short True Story by SK Ibrahim Page No. 1

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