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Dil To Dena He Tha

Dil To Dena He Tha is a beautiful Social Romantic Urdu Novel by emerging New Writer Fareeha Kausar. Different newspapers and magazines have started to appear in her room. The writing table was decorated like a newlywed bride. The expensive pen and the table equipped with paper were expressing the choice of a royal writer. In the beginning, everyone was expecting that she would soon forget what she had wished or decided. However, when they saw her firm determination, they also became serious about it. There was, however, still a confusion that they could not figure out any valid reason for her decision. This was the reason that this matter was under a hot debate by everyone in the house. Zara had no concerns about this discussion. What is their opinion about it? Who is able to understand and who is not? She was listening the commentary from everyone with little interest. Most of the comments were from her brothers, which Zara did not pay much attention to. She was only concerned with her father who had to grant her the final permission.

Dil Tou Dena He Tha A Social Romantic Urdu Novel by emerging New Writer Fareeha Kausar Page No. 1

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  1. unrealistic story

  2. Story boht aalaaw kaaaaash k real mein aisa hota

  3. laila manoon ko bhi zara ne maat de dee!!!!

  4. very nice story aur buhut hi emotional thi

  5. Really nice novel……….shadi muhabbat ki manzil nh hoti…….

  6. Very nyc story but end so sad.shayad kuch kahaniyan adhori hi rah jati hain.

    1. yes u r write

    2. aap shayed mujhe jane pahechane lagte ho khair koi baat nahi i m sory k maine apko distrub kiya but i m impressed u r post

    3. To ap poora kar da

  7. very nice story

  8. its 22222222 much amazing novel but end was so sad

  9. very very emotional novel, i think wo log jo jitne ziada anaa parast hote hen, unko pyar mai shadeed chotain aati hen, aaj muje pata chala, jab hum kisi k qareeb jaate hen unko fatah karne, asal mai hum khud ko maftooh k tor per unke samne rakh daite hen, aur ye pir un pe depend karta hai, k wo humare sath kia khel khelte hen. In my opinion in this story salman is villain. ye dil b na………………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

  10. حسن کا کیا کام سچی محبت میں،آنکه اگر مجنوں هو تو هر لیلی حسین لگتی هے.
    very nice

  11. immature writing


  13. this novel is very happly

  14. ye kitab bhhut achi mery pass lafz nahi k main tareef kr skoon

  15. very nice book

  16. Bhooooooooot he childish novel hy

  17. Coments daikh k dil ni kr rha prhny ko ……… kia krun??????

    1. Mera bhi comments dekh k dil kr rha hy na parhun sad ending hy to nai to bht dukh ho ga bad man

  18. Attaurrehman bhatti

    Beautiful story.

    1. Beauty story

  19. Attaurrehman bhatti

    حسن کا کیا کام سچی محبت میں،
    آنکه اگر مجنوں هو تو هر لیلی حسین لگتی هے.
    Assalam.o.alaikum friends.

  20. very nyce story

  21. romantic TYPICAL novel…….. nothing new…. good looking girl, good looking guy…. as always one is rich one is poor……… whats so far new…… and the end is just because to increase rating, these are the tactics novelist used now a days…… not a strong plot

  22. Nice yr waqi may muhabat ho to aisi

  23. amazinggggggg but agr zara ki shadi ho jati to our b maza ata. happy ending honi chahiye the but wounderfulllllllll

  24. Wah pyaar hoto aisa….. Soooooo lovely………؛‎

  25. Muzzammal Hussain Qamar

    Any one tel me how to download

  26. dil ki dhrdkan tham si gai ending parhte hue dil jeet hi lia agr sb hi log aisi muhabbat krne lgen to hawass khatm ho jae gi

    1. you are absolutely wrong in your uggestion


  28. yea nawal kis tarah download ho ga plz batao

  29. Really amazing story but kaaaassshhhh Zara ki shadi hojati salman k sath or WO 2no hmesha sath rhty to happy ending par hmary mood b happy hojaty na 🙁

  30. thats amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    1. that is amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  31. yee book download kaisy ho gi

  32. Lovely novel mindblowing but mrny sy pehly agr shadi ho jati to zara k end thora happy ho jata

  33. ye book download kaise hogi….download ka to kahin koi option hi nhi aa rha hai???

    1. Very nice novel….bt end aur behter ho sakta tha.

  34. main ne jitnay novel read kiay un sab main kisi ka bhi happy end ni hua i am so sad novel acha tha but end to happy hota

    1. happy end sirf movies main hi dekhny ko milta hay.

    2. salam. hasb e dil rehne do is a good novel with happy ending and i am sure you ll like it.

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