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Hum Sath Chalte Hain

Chalo Hum Sath Chaltay Hain an Urdu novelette written by Saima Akram Chaudhary, famous Writer, Novelist and Dramatist. Page No. 2

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  1. It is very beautiful and interesting novel. I appreciate it.

  2. Very nice
    I really like the story
    I appreciate it
    keep going

  3. very nice novel.

  4. Very nyc……….

  5. zabardast novel he

  6. After reading of > Khuda or Mohabat & Peere kamil <. I feel so much smile and tension found in novel (hum sath chalte hain). I am very impress and request to you to please start to do drama or movie on this story.

    1. It’s a good novel.

  7. zbrdst novel h but yaaaaaaaaaar net py screen py nzr jma k prhna bht mushkl h ankhen thkk gai,,, ghr walo sy dant alag………

    1. I think hard copy is better than soft one.xar ksi ache novel ka Nam btao jise prh kr dil Kane waqi outclass he

      1. Bachpan ka december and abdullah by hashim nadeem

      2. baharo ke sang sang best novel hai

    2. نعمان شفیق

      ایک ٹکٹ میں دو شو_____

  8. little bit good …….

  9. good novel………

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