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Kalon Ke Des Me

Kalon Ke Des Me an interesting Travelogue of Backward Country Liberia of West Africa by Muhammad Asif. Knowledge spreads by sharing. This is the basic idea behind this book. In today’s world of internet, we can virtually travel anywhere in the world by sitting in home. We can get information about any country or city but this information is not complete until you visit that place yourself. A travelogue is a middle form where you do not travel yourself but through someone else’s experience, you visit that place. From Ibne Batuta until now, many travelogues were written but most of them have two things in common. Either they are about the developed countries or about a visit to Holy places in Saudi Arabia. People already know much about these places. Very few people have discussed under developed countries in their travelogue like West Africa. Internet does not have enough information about that and those available are much different from reality. The purpose of writing this book is to convey actual conditions of the people there.
Kalon Ke Des Me an interesting Travelogue of Backward Country Libera of West Africa by Muhammad Asif Page No. 1

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